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Infused Medication Offers Migraine Patients a New Option

A new treatment is expanding options for the 40 million people living with migraine disease.

As a “Fast Facts” from The Headache & Migraine Policy Forum explains, new medication delivered via infusion now offers yet another way to prevent debilitating attacks.

Infused Migraine Treatment

Infused treatment can offer patients a number of benefits, the “Fast Facts” explains:

  • Quick relief: Infusion therapy delivers medications directly into the bloodstream, providing faster prevention than oral treatments do for many patients.
  • Longer duration: Unlike other preventive medications that require weekly or daily administration, the effects of infused medication last longer, meaning patients only need infusions once every three months.
  • Fewer attacks: About one-third of patients achieved a 75% reduction in migraine days, and about one patient in five had no migraine attacks in the six months that followed an infusion.

Other Treatment Options

Migraine patients now have access to more treatment options than ever before.

In addition to infused medication, patients may use non-migraine medications, such as blood pressure-lowering agents or anti-seizure medications, injections of botulinum neurotoxins, or headache devices to treat and prevent migraine attacks. Over-the-counter pain relievers, as well as prescribed pain medication, can also be used to treat symptoms during an attack.

Patients often benefit from using a combination of these medications to manage their migraine.

Patient-Centered Care

By working with a health care provider to determine what treatment approach works best for them, people living with migraine can be empowered to regain control over their disease.

Read the full “Fast Facts” here.

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