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Year In Review: The Conversations That Shaped Health Policy in 2023

Throughout 2023, headlines signaled a new age in health care. But while research breakthroughs and innovative medications inspired hope for the future, insurers’ business-as-usual practices threatened patient-centered care.  

Here’s a look back at the topics that dominated health policy in 2023. 

Research delivered new treatments, but access proved challenging. 

Breakthrough treatments gained approval across disease states. Even the nation’s most expensive disease, Alzheimer’s, saw new treatments roll out. Greater attention should focus on how these breakthroughs can be effectively evaluated and brought online faster for the patients who need them.

Insurance practices continued to complicate patient-centered care. 

Every day, hundreds of millions of Americans depend on prescriptions medications. For far too many, however, the process of getting, and keeping, access to a prescription medication remains arduous – even in 2023. 

Economic factors hampered medication access. 

From supply chain disruptions to inflation, economic factors impacted medication supply, sustainable drug development and affordable health care access. 

Policymakers showed an appetite for reform. 

Reforms flooded the national stage, with policymakers aiming to improve medication access, encourage medical innovation and protect vulnerable patients. Heading into 2024, decisionmakers need to come together to envision and enact bold reforms that bolster patient-centered care. 

Health Policy Today will resume January 10, 2024. Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!